We are seeking to interview employers or managers of a person(s) with a physical disability who is presently employed with you in either a permanent, full-time position; or in a long-term, remunerative position that allows them to be financially independent. Employers may include owner-operators of businesses, chief operating officers, vice presidents, or management personnel of companies, human resources personnel or anyone responsible for the hiring or management of individuals with disabilities.  From our discussions, we hope to gain insights from your experience.  Our aim is to learn from the lived experiences of employers so that we can distill commonalities from various individuals’ perceptions and anecdotes of their workplace successes and challenges.  By exploring the insights and experiences of employers, we hope to improve the recruitment and retention of persons with disabilities and to promote more inclusion in the workforce overall.

  • Interviews involve a one hour conversation via video-conference
  • Participants will receive a gift card as a thank-you for participating
  • Interviews are audio recorded

Please download this Invitation and Consent Letter for more information about the PROUD Project and the research process.  

(link to PROUD Intro and Consent Letter – Employers)

If you are interested in participating please contact us.