Le projet de Recherche phénoménologique et recours en matière d’emploi et d’invalidité (PROUD) est une initiative de recherche pluriannuel qui étudie la limitation fonctionnelle et l’emploi. L’étude compare les expériences d’employé(e)s ayant un handicap, d’employeurs qui embauchent ces personnes et de leurs compagnons et compagnes de travail, dans cinq pays : le Canada, les États-Unis, le Royaume-Uni, la France et la Belgique.

Le projet PROUD
Département des sciences politiques
Collège de Scarborough
Université de Toronto

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PROUD Project Blog – November 2021 So many exciting and positive developments have happened since our last blog for the PROUD Project.  This update is to let our participants, followers and other interested visitors know about our progress.  We are mostly finished conducting interviews with employees for our Canadian phase of the research project.  We are still hoping to recruit a… suite


Episode 3 of Broadcastability, 'A Conversation with Alexis Chicoine', is live now!

Click the link in our bio to listen! https://t.co/kBKxQDpVGx
December 3rd was 'International day of Persons with Disabilities'. We'd like to take a moment to not only celebrate, but further promote and the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities at every level of society and development. https://t.co/yUsFJbAWfm
This article, taken from the Department of Justice, shows how poor/expensive transportation is a barrier for people with disabilities who work.

The article can be found here:



The PROUD Project
The PROUD Project7 months ago
Good news. The deadline is 30 June 2021 - so hurry and apply!
The PROUD Project
The PROUD Project8 months ago
Join us for a preliminary view of our interview research 1:00-2:200 pm EDT Wednesday 2 June 2021. https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/webinar-what-does-disability-inclusion-bring-to-the-workplace-registration-152752178879
The PROUD Project
The PROUD Project8 months ago
https://calgaryherald.com/opinion/columnists/van-herk-time-for-a-reset-alberta-non-compliance-is-neither-heroic-resistance-nor-visionary I agree as a disabled person: "Non-compliance ultimately has little to do with freedom or personal responsibility but relies on a radical conception of personal autonomy at the expense of the weak and vulnerable." A. van Herk re: the pandemic in Alberta