PROUD Project Blog – March 2022

Update March 18, 2022 

The PROUD Project researchers have shifted our focus to interviewing research participants in France and the UK, now that our Canadian interviews are almost complete.  We are still open to recruiting employers and managers in Canada who employ people with disabilities in their workplace to talk to us about their experiences. Since the start of 2022, we have produced 3 more recordings for our Broadcastability podcast.  Check them out at  Andrea and Chloë are also teaching a course at the University of Toronto Scarborough, in partnership with the University of Manchester, on “Research Methodology and the Ethics of Working with Disabled, d/Deaf People and Other Vulnerable Groups.”  This innovative course is a “Global Classrooms Initiative” that is collaborating with Dr. Emma Ferguson-Coleman, Dr. Katherine Rogers, and Dr. Alys Young to teach students about how to ethically carry out research with members of the d/Deaf and disabled community.  Check out our Impact page for new publications and engagements 

If you or someone you know is interested in participating in our research, or would like to know more about our project, contact the research team at: 

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