Are you a coworker of an employee with a disability and have some thoughts on this experience that might be helpful in improving workplace culture for people with disabilities in the workforce? Have you worked for a year or more with a person(s) with a physical disability, who is presently employed in either a permanent, full-time position; or in a long-term, remunerative position that allows them to be financially independent?  Our research team would like to interview you to gain insights from your experience as an insider/outsider regarding the challenges of people living with disabilities.  Our aim is to learn from the lived experiences of employees with disabilities, co-workers, and employers so that we can distill commonalities from various individuals’ perceptions and anecdotes of their workplace successes and challenges.  By exploring the insights and experiences of co-workers, we hope to improve the recruitment and retention of persons with disabilities and to promote more inclusion in the workforce overall.

  • Interviews involve a one hour conversation via video-conference
  • Participants will receive a gift card as a thank-you for participating
  • Interviews are audio recorded

Please download this Invitation and Consent Letter for more information about the PROUD Project and the research process.  

(link to PROUD Intro and Consent Letter – Co-workers)

If you are interested in participating please contact us.